Transport & Utilities

Transportation and Utility organisations are being challenged to deliver better public services for less and are being encouraged to use technology to increase public sector productivity and efficiency.

You’re transforming how you interact with citizens and businesses by delivering services online and to do this you need the right technologies and systems.  As a Transport or Utility sector leader you’re also trying to ensure your organisation maintains an attractive proposition which is relevant to your key clients and their needs. How you deliver your collocated, hosted and cloud solutions from a technical perspective is key to this. 

Vysiion have significant experience in supporting Utility and Transport sector organisations helping them to ensure IT and communication systems are running efficiently, helping organisations meet the increasingly stringent compliance requirements, and helping shape technology solutions and services which can be part of organisational improvements, bids and operational initiatives.

Delivering service to citizens and customers online as well as the digital transformation of traditional paper-based processes can decrease costs, reduce workloads on front-line employees and provide improved levels of service. In a world where there is constant pressure to do more with less, evolving your systems to harness these benefits is a must.

Vysiion as the Campus Integrator can assist you in gaining access to the Crown Campus and the community within it, enabling you to reduce lead times for application development and to reduce infrastructure deployment times. The inherent elasticity of the Crown Campus can help you to respond to fluctuating demand, provide access to extensive computing resources that improve availability and reduce risk, we can help you adopt a truly multi-cloud / multi-vendor environment and ensure greater security. It can also help you build and move towards a common shared sector wide infrastructure and shared services initiatives, reducing complexity and cost and helping build more cohesive service offerings. 

If you need to deliver a new application, designed specifically to be hosted in the cloud, or you need to relocate legacy infrastructure into the Crown Campus, Vysiion offers a range of solutions to help you and have the experience and technical capability to guide you on the journey.

Our proven methodology for migrating and transforming workloads into the Crown Campus aligned with our ongoing Management, Support and complementary services enables us to meet government standards whilst providing the core building blocks to enable the development of a defined road map which utilises all the features of Crown Hosting i.e. Hybrid, Campus, Hyperscale and Private Cloud. 

Vysiion can provide:

  • Guidance on how to evolve your IT systems to enable digital services 
  • Expertise around what can safely be stored in the cloud 
  • A low risk, low cost, high reward transition to a modern infrastructure and the cloud 
  • UK based, security cleared specialists to design, build and manage your digital service platforms, key to any council’s  Self Service strategy 
  • Full management and support for new and existing cloud environments to keep them secure, available and performing 
  • Experience of public sector information security, including the Government Security Classifications and its predecessor, the UK Government Protective Marking Scheme