Vysiion’s experienced Project Managers, Solution Owners, Technical Specialists and Service Architects are qualified and experienced in migrating infrastructures and support solutions for its customers to ensure a seamless migration to the new service. If required Vysiion is able to manage the migration or provide support and assistance in this process as outlined below. 





The build and commission of a new environment and either physically move workloads into CHDC or migrate workloads into Cloud infrastructure.

In deploying a comprehensive migration strategy, priorities, risks, timelines and success factors will be managed to ensure a successful outcome.

Vysiion Project Manager appointed to :

  • Outline roles and responsibilities
  • Allocate resources
  • Create migration plan
  • Manage deadlines and milestones
  • Identify and manage risk
  • Identify interdependencies

The network, security, storage and other base architecture level set up executed.

Cloud architecture is setup according to the agreed solution design. New physical or existing environments are migrated in to Crown Hosting. Workloads are migrated applying priority and dependency constraints.  Thorough testing is carried out to ensure security, scalability, DR, performance, data validation.

Finally, the new environments are signed off and transferred into support.

A seamless, controlled migration to the cloud or hybrid services.

Network and server system build documentation.

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Project Lifecycle