Planning & Assessment

Vysiion’s Solution Owners, Technical Architects and Service Architects are qualified and experienced in planning and assessing infrastructure and support solutions for customers. If required they are able to offer support and assistance in your planning and assessment process to determine the viability of moving to both CHDC and cloud services, as outlined in our approach. We are also able to assess any associated training and knowledge management requirements.

Plan and Assess:




Match desired business outcomes to technical solutions which will cover viability of moving to both CHDC and Cloud Solutions with a focus on demonstrating expected cost savings.

Recommendation to continue with transformation project or stop based on expected ROI.

To understand your current IT environment and your organisations’ strategy and desired outcome.

Address apprehensions and challenges faced by the impact of moving to CHDC and Cloud Solutions.

Identify short-term plan to continue the journey to CHDC and Cloud solutions and make final decision.

Consulting engagement carried out by Vysiion’s experienced Technical Architects and Project Managers which is designed to identify Cloud solutions that will provide benefit to your organisation and identify applications and processes that are more suited to a move to CHDC.

Tried and tested tools and methods are deployed which capture the following activities:

  • Hardware and software inventories captured and validated
  • Onsite analysis of current IT environment
  • Determine organisation’s objectives
  • Determine readiness for migration
  • Determine upgrade capability of apps and platforms
  • Functional review of tools, apps and platforms
  • Research technologies
  • Create high level future state, incorporating CHDC and best fit Cloud solution
  • Determine exactly what needs to be done to achieve transformation

Professional document produced which details findings and recommendations.

This will cover:

  • The workloads suitable for moving to the Cloud and those more suited to relocation in CHDC and.
  • The Cloud Service Provider that best satisfies future business and technical requirements will also be identified.
  • High level project plan
  • Identification of risk and recommended mitigation
  • Project costs and anticipated ROI
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Project Lifecycle