Journey to the Crown Community

Crown Campus provides an extension of the UK Government’s own sovereign facilities to bring together a community of specialist public sector service providers, who build and operate cloud services on the same campus as Crown Hosting.

Keep your most sensitive and critical systems under the control, ownership and jurisdiction of the UK Government. Crown Campus provides you with safe and trusted environment combine traditional hosting with cloud services – giving you the commercial and technical flexibility of cloud, without risking these systems with the global cloud platforms.

  • Hybrid Cloud – Utilise Crown Hosting to host physical hardware whilst seamlessly connecting to your choice of cloud platforms within the Crown Campus
  • Data Centre Migration – Take the stress out of building and operating your own Private Cloud. Vysiion, as a Campus Integrator, has the capabilities to assist you in migrating your existing infrastructure or building a new infrastructure within the Crown Campus to ensure you fully exploit the capabilities within Crown Campus by placing workloads on the correct platform

Whilst having access to the Crown Campus Cloud community within the Crown Campus you can also buy data centre colocation, and other enabling services on demand, on a pay-as-you-use basis, gaining access to a suite of flexible, scalable approved secure services and connectivity.

The diagram below is intended to reassure organisations that support services are available when considering a technology refresh and transformation to the cloud which may involve a move into the Crown Hosting Data Centre (CHDC). Vysiion is an experienced partner with a wealth of expertise and knowledge of migrating services to the Data Centre and providing continued support services thereafter.

Vysiion has engineers at the CHDC site 24*7*365 which, combined with all our other services local to the datacentres, enables us to provide all the support needed throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Six steps to Crown Campus

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