Crown Hosting is a joint venture with the Cabinet Office and Ark Data Centres and is the data centre supporting the UK Public Sector digital transformation.  

Crown Hosting offers compelling cost savings with significant expected ROI and has been designed to provide flexible commercial terms which allows for either long term hosting or enables your data centre requirements to evolve as you transform to the cloud. 

The key benefits of Crown Hosting:


Value for Money

  • Easy access to co-located, secure datacentres with no minimum volume commitment
  • Cost savings (because government demand for datacentre space is aggregated)
  • Time savings (because there’s no need to manage multiple supplier tenders)
  • Simple, transparent ‘pay-for-what-you-use’ pricing so usage can be scaled as required
  • Choice of duration commitments that can be ended early without charge
  • Volume rebates as volumes rise
  • Robust performance service-level agreements, including power uptime
  • Strong step-in rights for government to ensure continuity of service if required


Assured by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) and National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to OFFICIAL

  • Capable of delivering services with increased security levels
  • Compliant with Security Policy Framework 2014, which covers mandatory policies for:
  • Protective marking
  • Personnel security
  • Physical security
  • Information security
  • Compliant with the ISO 27001 standard for security management


The datacentres are connected to the:

  • Public Services Network (PSN)
  • NHS Network (N3)
  • Secret LAN Interconnect (SLI) networks
  • Restricted LAN Interconnect (RLI) networks
  • internet

Service-level agreements

The service contract covers:

  • Power uptime
  • Power outages
  • Environmental performance
  • Incident management
  • Change management
  • Capacity management
  • Backup and disaster recovery through dual-datacentre campuses

Specific government requirements (for example, those relating to latency or service levels) can be agreed with the supplier and framework authority.

Route to the Cloud

  • On site G-Cloud IaaS providers
  • Move legacy now and evolve to the Cloud when you are ready
  • Ability to exercise Termination for Convenience
  • Options for both public and private virtualisation

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